Tuesday, August 08, 2017

This is My Pennsylvania - Snowmobiling AQ 284612

 Once you have finally found this little park, admire the Warming Hut and then head for the big parking lot across the road.  The roads into the park were blocked off when I visited in August, my guess is that they are only open during skiing season.
 Head to the Mainline trail which is close to the entrance of the parking lot.
 Walk a little bit down the trail, about 150 steps, and look into the woods on the left for some rocks which are behind an eight foot stump.  The rocks are a little hidden by the undergrowth.
 Walk off trail about eight steps to the biggest of these rocks.
 Look on the backside of the rock for a camo jar.

This is My Pennsylvania - Mingo Indians AQ 284605

 This is a way out of the way park in the SW corner of Pennsylvania, almost in West Virginia.  This park was created to help fulfill Governor Gifford Pinchot's promise that there would be a state park within 25 miles of every citizen.  The park seems to be in a valley with all trails going steeply uphill.  I did find one trail which was fairly level at one point.  Park in the parking lot below.
 Cross the iron bridge.  Don't be startled as I was by the sound of unexpected voices.  I saw that fishermen liked to fish from under the bridge.
 When you reach this sign, choose the Iron Bridge Trail.
 Go up the little bit of elevation which was in a very pretty woods.
As you get close to the top, notice the tree below on the right side of the trail.  It is a thick trunked tree with many thick arms high above the trail.
 Closer picture.
 Soon, I think about 15 to 20 steps later, notice the tree configuration below.  I lost my directions so I am guessing at the distance.
Behind the V tree you will see two moss covered logs. Look in the V where the two logs meet.
Enjoy the bridge view on your way back to the car.

This is My Pennsylvania - Kalmia Latifolia AQ 284598

 Head down the Lincoln Highway, Route 30, in Boswell until you see this sign on the north side of the road.  When you see it, turn left and then a second left into the parking lot for the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.
 Enjoy the various pretty sights.
 Cross over the little tree trunk bridge, pass the trail register and turn right on the blue blazed trail.
 Walk until you see the blue blazed tree sitting right on the edge of the right side of the trail.
 Stand beside the tree and note the three trunked tree about 15 steps away.  This tree has one rough trunk and two smooth trunks.
 Go around to the back of the three trunked tree and check out the little cubby hole in the bottom.  Please do not remove the debris that I put in the  hole to prevent the box from disappearing if the hole should get a little deeper.

This is My Pennsylvania - UFOs! AQ 284606

 Pass around the gate and head up hill, passing the trail sign below.
 As the trail levels out a bit and begins to curve right, look for the tree below. It is rotting out from the base up.
 Behind and to the right of the rotting tree is a small pile of rocks.  Look between the front two small rocks.
 These rocks are about 20 steps off trail.  This is the view from the box to the trail.
 And this is the view of the rocks from the trail.  If you look between these two trees, you can see the biggest rock in the grouping.

Monday, August 07, 2017

This is My Pennsylvania - Cemeteries AQ 284570

 Find this trailhead.  Unfortunately, it is located behind the RV dumping area.
 Take a short walk along this pretty stream with the very muddy trail.
Just as you reach this hemlock grove, look to your left for a stump about five rows back.
From this stump, look for a tree with a whole in its base in the row in front of the stump.
 Looking at the stump from the hiding spot in the tree.

Stained Glass #7 AQ 284336

History of the cemetery on the kiosk
 Now look across the street from the cemetery and see the two large trees laying on the ground.
 Look behind the small rock of the tree furthest from the road.