Friday, September 01, 2017

This is My Pennsylvania - Deer

 Park at the little parking area right after the western entrance to this park and road walk to the western trailhead for the Middle Ridge trail.
 Begin your climb but don't be discouraged, it is steep but it doesn't last long.
Be sure to stick to the red blazed trail.  There is a grassy trail that intersects and while it is tempting, it won't lead you to your box.
 Red blazes, red blazes, stick to the red blazes
 Oh, look, more red blazes.
 When you see these two trees with double red blazes on the left side of the trail, look across the trail.
 Look for this V tree with the decayed backside.
 Back side of the tree, see the little box tucked into the decay?
 If you reach this lovely tree, you have gone too far.  Turn around and backtrack a little.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

This is My Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Long Rifles

Park in the Boulton Historic Site parking area, the one that has a restroom.
 If you see the above signboard, you will know you are in the right area.
 Take the trail that is between this signboard and the No Fires or Camping sign.
 When you get to this Y with the little footbridge over the Bushkill Creek, turn left.
 Take a little look backwards and enjoy the view of the creek under the bridge.
 Then....cross the BIG bridge over the Bushkill Creek.
 Enjoy the signboards along the way.
 Follow the trail till you have to choose right or left, hint...choose left.
 When you get to the end of this trail, you will see this barn which is part of the Henry Homestead. Turn left. 
 Then turn right when you see this all trail traffic sign.
 Walk up the steps and meander on this trail which is close to the road, until you reach the Then and Now signboard.
 Notice this huge rotting stump across the trail. There are several moss covered fallen trees behind it.
 BIGGGGG rotting stump!
Look beside the short piece of mossy log.
 After logging in, take a little walk further down the trail to see the rest of the Henry Homestead.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

This is My Pennsylvania - Snowmobiling AQ 284612

 Once you have finally found this little park, admire the Warming Hut and then head for the big parking lot across the road.  The roads into the park were blocked off when I visited in August, my guess is that they are only open during skiing season.
 Head to the Mainline trail which is close to the entrance of the parking lot.
 Walk a little bit down the trail, about 150 steps, and look into the woods on the left for some rocks which are behind an eight foot stump.  The rocks are a little hidden by the undergrowth.
 Walk off trail about eight steps to the biggest of these rocks.
 Look on the backside of the rock for a camo jar.

This is My Pennsylvania - Mingo Indians AQ 284605

 This is a way out of the way park in the SW corner of Pennsylvania, almost in West Virginia.  This park was created to help fulfill Governor Gifford Pinchot's promise that there would be a state park within 25 miles of every citizen.  The park seems to be in a valley with all trails going steeply uphill.  I did find one trail which was fairly level at one point.  Park in the parking lot below.
 Cross the iron bridge.  Don't be startled as I was by the sound of unexpected voices.  I saw that fishermen liked to fish from under the bridge.
 When you reach this sign, choose the Iron Bridge Trail.
 Go up the little bit of elevation which was in a very pretty woods.
As you get close to the top, notice the tree below on the right side of the trail.  It is a thick trunked tree with many thick arms high above the trail.
 Closer picture.
 Soon, I think about 15 to 20 steps later, notice the tree configuration below.  I lost my directions so I am guessing at the distance.
Behind the V tree you will see two moss covered logs. Look in the V where the two logs meet.
Enjoy the bridge view on your way back to the car.