Thursday, December 07, 2017

One Kitty, Two Kitties, Three Kitties, Four... Part 1

Park in first parking lot on the left, north of the Maidencreek Road and Calcium Road intersection.  Coordinates are 40.454002, -75.907246.
Follow trail to the graffiti tunnel.
 Go through the tunnel and find this scary looking tree on the other side of the tunnel. 
Behind the scary tree are two fallen tree parts.
 Look for the pouch behind the log furthest from the trail.  View below is facing the trail. 
Park in next parking area on the left.
Coordinates 40.456996, -75.9032925
 Go around the gate and pass the stop sign.
 You probably won't see these proud hunters dragging their dead dear behind them but I thought they were picture worthy.
 After you pass the stop sign, continue on the trail.
 When you see this ten foot tall dead tree, take a look behind it. 
 Take a look in the little crevice at the base of this tree for Two Kitties' pouch.
Continue from Two Kitties and head back towards the parking area.
Head into the clearing and then hang a right when a new opening appears.
Look for pieces of  railroad tracks on left side of clearing.
 Look for the Y tree behind the railroad tracks.
Three Kitties is under the rock behind the Y tree.
Continue down Maidencreek Road to the first parking area on the right side of the road.
Coordinates 40.460385, -75.899443
 Check the end of the guard rail.  Please replace the rock which is preventing the pouch from washing out of the rail.
I forgot to get the second coordinate for this parking area but go to the next parking area on the left.  The correct parking lot is NOT the one across the street from the above guard rail.
 Walk down the trail from the gate.  When you see the stop sign, turn right into the clearing.
 You should quickly pass a V tree and see another one.
 When you see the second V tree, you will then see a third one along the treeline.
 See??? There it is!
 Look in back of the third V tree, tucked into the crevice between the two trunks.

One Kitty, Two Kitties, Three Kitties, Four... Part 2

Drive over to the other side of the lake and park in the parking lot at the intersection of Shoemakersville Road and Kindts Corner Road.  The last three boxes are all from this parking lot
Coordinates are 40.461655, -75.931973
 Go around the gate and down this broad tree lined trail.
 When you see this muddy turn off to the right, avoid the mud but make the turn.
 This trail leads to the lake but you will see a left hand trail before you get there.  Take it.
 Walk a couple of hundred feet along this new trail, you may notice a shiny deer stand up in the trees on the left side.    Do not go that far.  Instead stop in the circular open area where I was standing when I took this picture. 
Coordinates 40.458726, -75930236
Turn right and walk along the perimeter of the circular area for about 20 steps and then turn to your right and enter the woods to the interesting looking leaning tree.
 Pretty neat, huh?
 Look between the last two trunks for Six Kitties.
Coordinates 40.458732, -75.930072
Now return to your counterclockwise walk around the perimeter of the circle and when you reach the opening leading to the lake, take a few steps down it to see the tall rotting stump about 15 feet off trail on the right side.  If you reach the tree stand, you have gone too far.
 Go to the stump and look in the back for Seven Kitties. 
Coordinates 40.458873, -75.929767
Come out of the woods and continue your counterclockwise perimeter walk, now heading away from the lake and on the opposite side of the circular opening.  About half way between the two open ends of the circle, look to your right for this stump about 10 feet off trail.
 Yes, this is a stump about three feet tall and there is a fallen tree very close to it.  Check between the two for Eight Kitties.
Congratulations, you have now completed the One Kitty, Two Kittes, Three Kitties, Four series!
One Kitty, Two Kitties, Three Kitties, Four...

Bonus: Nine Kitties

Coordinates 40.463088, -75.900358
Clues for Nine Kitties are contained in Five Kitties.

Walk back towards the parking area from Five Kitties and you will see this open clearing on your right.  
 The clearing is bordered on one side by the railroad tracks.
 Go to the pine tree which kind of stands by itself in the center of the clearing.
 When you reach the pine, make a left turn through two beautiful trees which look as though they have a path through the middle of them.  You should then see a two trunked pine tree a few feet into the woods.
 The two trunked tree is to the left side of the wooded area.
 Check out its back side for Nine Kitties. 

Green Man #4

 Head to this new little park which has the added bonus of being a non-hunting area
.  The driveway to the parking area is a little hard to see so when you are driving down the appropriate road, do it slowly.  The trail map on the kiosk is not updated, you can either use the map below or keep your fingers crossed that there is a map in the mapbox.  There HAVE been maps available each time I have been to this park.

 Go behind the gate, starting on the blue trail.
 You will very shortly see the orange trail with very faded blazes breaking off to the right side of the trail.  Take it!
 If you pas this ginormous tree, very quickly, and then the ginormous stump, in another five minutes, you will know you are on the correct trail.
 As you make a right hand turn on the trail, you might notice this large fallen tree touching the left side of the trail.  Don't go that far!!!
 Standing on the curve in the trail, note the double orange blaze behind you and then see the V tree with the fallen tree about ten feet behind it.
You should actually note three V trees although the one on the left is hard to distinguish as a V tree from the trail.  There will be a faint deer trail leading back through them.  You will have a better view of the fallen log when you are standing between the two Vs in the back of this picture.
 View from the V tree that is the furthest to the left. This is the one that is hard to distinguish as a V tree from the trail. 
The fallen tree was once a V tree.  Go to what would be the root end, if there was a root, and check out a little hidey hole about six feet from the end of the tree.

To return to your car, you can continue on the orange blazed trail, passing over the pipeline and then take the purple blazed trail to the left.  This will take you out to the gravel road which leads to the meditation areas and the old buildings in the park.  The day that I placed this box, the pipeline was being worked on and it was not possible to walk over it due to the mud and ditches.  If the pipeline is passable, this would be a good way to return,  It is only a little further to walk and it is a lot more scenic.

Please be very secretive about looking for this box, this is a brand new park and as far as I know, it must be difficult to get permission to place boxes here as there are no geocaches.  There is no smoking allowed in the park and although dogs are allowed, they MUST be leashed.  Please do not abuse any of these.