Monday, July 02, 2018

Winter Berries Maintenance

        Spoiler Alert!  Do not look at this post if you do not want to see what is in this box.

Bred in Berks - Taylor Swift Maintenance

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Sunday, July 01, 2018

The Cemetery Box Maintenance

Spoiler Alert!  Do not look at this post if you do not want to see what is in this box.

Stronger Than a Mighty Oak Maintenance

Spoiler Alert, do not look at this post if you don't want to see the contents of this box.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Blue Moon

This one is pretty simple.  Go to the parking area for Polk Township Nature Park, Kresgeville, PA that is off of Route 534.  Coordinates are 40.904087248, -75.4986486644.  There is a parking area right off the road and if you take the road that leads from this parking area back into the woods, you will come to another parking lot.  This trail begins in the first lot and ends in the last lot.  Park in either lot and take either entrance to the trail.

 As you meander around this pretty little trail filled with rhododendron and hemlocks, keep an eye out for this bench.  While facing the bench, look to your right about 20 steps off trail for this medium sized hemlock surrounded by rhododendrons.
Edited June 15, 2018: you may want to look for this box in the winter or spring.  I made a return visit to this park to find a new series and while there, went to check on my box.  Where you see brown leaves in this picture was full of beautiful lush ferns.  I made my way very carefully to the box which is there and intact but hated the thought of stepping on the ferns.
 See it now?
You might want to check out the left side of the tree.
Something looks mighty suspicious here.

This is My Pennsylvania - Gristmills

 Go thru the gate and take a look at the map board, you will be walking about half way down the trail to the spillway area.
 Duck under the tree if it is still there.  Don't bump your head, the tree is kind of spiky.
 Walk down the lightly shaded trail.
 Notice the beginning of the ruins to your right.
 The trees here look like they are all lined up at attention.
 I thought the view of the creek from here was pretty but just wait till you see the views later.
 Now you are going to enter a more open area and soon will enter the hemlock forest.
 More ruins become visible. 
 Soon you will see a turn off to the left leading down to the creek.  It is a little hard to see in this picture but the trail is lined with rock walls on each side.
Lots of mossy rocks, take a lot of pictures.
 Lots to see here. 
 Turn around and see the wall that you probably missed when you were walking the main trail.
 Don't put your camera away yet.  Return to the main trail and walk a few more feet to another turn off to the right.  This will lead you down to the spillway.   
 When you are finished taking pictures here, notice the little concrete curb that is to your left beside the spillway.
 Step over it.
 And walk along the trail passing the block wall below. 
 Odd looking tree to your right!
 The trees along this little trail are lined up like "soldier boys" as my dad used to say.
 When you see the double blaze, turn left and return to the main trail.
 Turn left on the main trail and walk about 35 steps.
 When you see a little kinda sorta clear area on the right with these two hemlock trees, stop and look up the little slope for the three trunk tree.
 Walk to it and discover that it isn't a three trunk tree but instead is a single tree in the front with a V tree behind.
 Check out the base of the V tree.